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No Nectarines for 2011 by Editor
June 5, 2011, 8:29 pm
Filed under: Fruits

a flourishing young tree

I have planted a few fruit trees in my time. All to no avail. Avocados…too far away, forgot to water them. Nursed a peach tree back to health in the bottom of the canyon, then the birds ate all the fruit.

So this year I was determined to have a lovely nectarine tree and make it work. Well, first it became diseased with peach leaf curl (I think it came from a neighbors tree that happens to creep over into my yard). Then it also had some type of bug eating some of the leaves…bah! I search all over the internet and looked in my gardening books and found that Neem Oil was the most recommended for both situations. I was fairly vigilant in spraying the tree – every few days or so and to my surprise, it worked!  Here’s a link to a great site I found while dealing wiht that issue that has a very straight forward list of green solutions for bugs, etc.

Evidence left from the animal party

So one day my husband reminded me of the peach tree that was ravaged by birds. I said “…that was down in the canyon, this is close to the dogs, etc…” blah blah blah, it won’t happen to me again. But of course, the next morning I came out and the promise of yummy nectarines next month vanished.

I’ve posted a photo of the tree and a close up of one of the fruits left from the party. I’m not sure if it was birds or another animal, but of course now I’ve searched the web to find solutions for next season. There are a few ways that seem most effective and here’s the short list:

  • Put something shiney in the tree- suggestions include tin cans (aka hillbilly windchimes), old cds/dvds, and shiney silver twist ties.
  • Put a fake plastic owl or a a scarecrow in or near the tree (seems like most birds eventually figure these out and get brave enough to come back)
  • Place a fake plastic snake in or around the tree
  • Put up a small circular wire fence around the base of the tree – wide enough that it can grow and any critters can’t get up over it.

Next season, I’ll be trying out a few of these. Wish me luck!


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You can also use metalic curling ribbon. I save mine from christmas presents. I tie it to the ends of my tree and the wind does the rest.

Comment by Jodi Sadleir

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