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June Rant by Editor
June 1, 2011, 8:17 am
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Thanks for small blessings, as I reviewed last June’s missive I noted we were deep in June Gloom. This year, who knows, yesterday was low 60’s with overcast and blustery winds, today was mid 70’s and full sun. The poor plants must be spun out. I don’t have high hopes for the firs


t part of my tomato crop, they have grown to 30” with some sets but more lost blooms than anything else.

I just planted 6 more heirlooms on Saturday that seem to be doing well. I bought them at Green Thumb in San Marcos, their selection was substantial and the tomatoes were not root bound (do not be shy about knocking the plant you want to buy out of it’s container to check for root growth before you purchase, as we get later into the planting year some of the nursery offerings are a might long in the tooth!).

My egg plants have been really slow to take as have the basil sets, I attribute this also to the lack of consistent warmth.

I sprouted Kentucky Wonder green beans( in a moist paper towel on a plate in the kitchen) and put them in small pots of potting soil as soon as the bean had popped, I let them sit in the small pots until they got their first set of real leaves then put them in the garden. They are bootin’!I set up a four legged tee-pee of bamboo poles for them to climb on. It has worked really well in the past.  It is still a great time to plant lettuce and my arugula continues to take over the garden paths.

My beets and onions continue to rock out, I don’t think I have bought a bunch of onions for 3 years; the ones in the garden just keep propagating. I am waiting on planting cucumbers until the night time temperature stays above 55 F. I just planted a bunch of different herbs in 5 gallon pots to keep near the kitchen, I have had great success with oregano, Italian Parsley, Parsley and thyme.

I wrote last month that I got a truck load of mushroom/manure compost from a mushroom farm in Escondido, so far it seems that it has not been too “hot” for the baby plants and seedlings so I would recommend it as an amendment to our sandy soil.

Get to work!


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