Fire Mountain Garden Exchange

May Rant by Editor
May 2, 2011, 9:24 pm
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I hope everyone had a chance to drop by the plant sale on May 1st – which benefited SPOT (Saving Pets One at a Time) at Discount Tire. It was great opportunity to get inexpensive and great garden additions while benefiting an organization that has placed over 150 dogs that were slated to be euthanized. There was a great turn out of our friends from Fire Mountain too and my wife would like to thank all of you again. A special thanks to Discount Tire, they are really nice to make their space available to many charity organizations.

You may have noticed it’s hot and windy again which will be a big evaporator of soil and leaf moisture. This is a great time to add mulch around the wells of your trees and shrubs and to place in your veggie garden. The humic mulch from El Corazon has been great for this for me.

I ‘discovered’ a mushroom nursery in NE Escondido that gives away mushroom compost. You have to hand load it or pay $25 to have the loader dump a scoop in your truck. The compost has a horse manure component so I am testing it in a small part of the garden. A fellow who was loading while we were said he leaches his with water for a week but that seems to defeat the purpose. I will try it and see then make a recommendation.

When I was ready to plant my tomatoes I found out that my favorite nursery in San Marcos, Green Thumb was down on inventory so I went to Grangetto’s in Fallbrook.They have a killer supply of heirlooms that are doing very well and a good selection of other veggies too. I also went to their Escondido store, which didn’t have much inventory. The manager there said it was just too hot to maintain the plants there.

Looks like I am putting my water in the veg garden this again year!



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