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April Rant by Editor
April 15, 2011, 9:05 pm
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I just finished rereading last year’s missive and the story is substantially the same. Just with more rain. I spent all day yesterday weeding and this morning with the weed whip and I am no where near finished. This has been an awesome year for lettuce again; I have been playing the “Lettuce Fairy” again, hanging a bag of lettuce on friend’s doors and running. It always reminds me of the Garrison Keeler story about church goers in Lake Woebegone. The only time they lock their cars at church is during zucchini harvesting season!

I have managed to take my own advice and have not planted any tomatoes yet but am planning a safari to San Marcos this Friday.  Green Thumb restocks their veggies Thursday and Friday, so they should have fresh stock. My biggest problem is not buying too many, the plants grow so well when they are 4’ apart, but it seems like I am always trying to jam one too many in a row.  We can grow great pumpkins and watermelon up here and beans and cukes are proven winners too, if you haven’t tried them, get with it!

I don’t know if you saw the article this week in the NCT on the shortage of eggplants at the wholesale level. I think the price was $80 for a case of 18! The price is blamed on a freeze in Mexico. It seems we have been so adjusted to veggies in the market all year long that we forget the local seasons. So guess what, plant some eggplants.  I just go crazy when I go to Stater Bros. and see zucchini for $1.99/lb. This year we will all see significant price increases due to inflation. Growing our own veggies is becoming a better financial proposition as well as a way to get great food.



April Plantings by Editor
April 2, 2011, 9:10 pm
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Here our recommended planting for April, with everlasting Thanks to Charles Ledgerwood and his 1994 “Reliable Seeds” catalogue. (Caps indicate preferred plantings.)

BEANS, BEETS, CARROTS, CANTALOUPE, CORN, CUCUMBER, EGGPLANT, LIMA, OKRA, parsley, Peppers, potato, PUMPKIN, RADISH, N.Z. spinach, sunflower, ALL SQUASH, Swiss chard, TOMATO, JICAMA AND WATERMELON. Don’t forget to get some basil growing to go with your tomatoes in July

Flower planting recommendations are substantially the same as last month’s, so check out the March plantings section.

Have to get back to weeding before stuff gets overhead.