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November Rant by Editor
November 6, 2010, 8:08 am
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Well November isn’t starting out real well for gardeners. As I write on the morning of Election Day the Santa Ana’s are starting to blow, it already feels hot and dry at 7 am!.

My rain gauge showed 2 7/8 “of rain in October and I am pretty sure that we will give most of that back in the next couple of days. As soon as I finish this I am going out to turn on the sprinklers.

I made a rookie mistake with my starters last week. I had been using a planting formula to make a starter mix, but I used a little too much fertilizer in this batch. I had hundreds of lettuce and beets shoot up to about 1” then burn up. When I sniffed the soil there was a heavy aroma of ammonia which is urea. It’s the same smell we get driving by the tomato fields in Camp Pendleton. Truly a case of too much too soon.

Other than that I have prepared my beds for the replanted beet and lettuce starters, the peas are going in the ground at one week intervals of about 15 plants each so the crop can be picked for a couple of months. Again I start my peas in a folded paper towel kept moist, and put them in the ground when they show a head and tail. .

The rain soaked my giant , the stag horn ferns that I have hanging form my trees. One of the big ones got so heavy with water that it fell and it was too heavy to move so I cut it in half, still too heavy.

If anyone wants to buy a full sized fern from me, drop me a line.



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