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For the Newbies – Watch Your Garden Grow by Editor
October 17, 2010, 10:35 pm
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As a regular editor of the Friends of Fire Mountain web site, with a full-time job, a 3-year-old, and a vast repertoire of cactus and succulents, but nothing more – I’ve been struggling to get my garden rolling. First I planted seeds that I later realized were about 10 years old (yes they expire), then some creature broke into my garden and dug up the seeds I planted (could have been my own dog – but might have been a racoon). So now I finally have a prolific amount of things growing and no idea what to do. So other than consulting Jay, the head of the garden exchange, I’ve been scouring web sites. So, as I find  them, I’ll share with you  and hope you’ll do the same!

Here is the most recent- from the University of Illinois: Watch Your Garden Grow


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I would love to have our FOFM Friendlies see your cool vegetable raised beds. When I watered them the week you were camping I should have photo’d, but did not. SHARE, girl!

Comment by Kris

Thanks Kris- I’ll share soon, ALSO- I have SEEDS – since my garden is so small, I have a few seeds to spare. Lettuce, Bush Beans, and a couple of others. If anyone wants some, email

Comment by Oside Laurie

My 80-year-old aunt just told me how they planted “back in the day” — by the phases of the moon. Centuries old,yet not scientifically proven, the concept is to promote by using the benefits of the various lunar phases. It’s fun if nothing else! Studies found maximum germination on the days before the full moon, reported by weight. and

Comment by Lennie Rae

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