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October Rant by Editor
October 12, 2010, 1:25 am
Filed under: Fruits, Vegetables

Well you may have noticed we missed last month sorry, the planting info is the same but I just didn’t have the time to update the local stuff. What a weird local weather season.  We have gone from dying from heat with fans on all day to turning the heater on for the first time this season!

Imagine what if feels like to be a plant. We have fellow Fire Mountain residents that had passion fruits falling off the vine in the heat wave and friends in Morrow Heights losing loads of avocados and new fresh growth from the heat only to have rain about an inch in the next few days. Climate change, who knows, volatility for sure. Last month was great for tomatoes, mine (all heirlooms) are sadly done, egg plants which were late performers but great and green beans and particularly cucumbers of all sorts , we have had a plethora. The weird weather allowed us to have fresh lettuce all year long. Not having a crystal ball, I have no idea what the next weather year may bring, but it appears that we might be able to plant crops in summer that we couldn’t have planted 10 years ago. Experiment and let us know.  Please read the comments from the last two years and send us your feed back.

This is a great time to get humic mulch from El Corazon and prep your beds for peas, beets and lettuce. Don’t forget to plant sweet peas now and give them lots of nitrogen.

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