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August Rant – The sun will come out, tomorrow! Maybe. by Editor
August 12, 2010, 4:11 pm
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Sorry friends for being late here, a dear friend passed away last week and I have been less than organized as a result. This will be a compendium of old and new.
Thank you for your forbearance.

As many of you may have noticed we are having a special summer on Fire Mountain, Rumor has it that this is the coolest summer in 77 years. Let me tell you my tomatoes bear witness; I have had great sets, fruit and no progress, cucumbers the same. I typically have enough tomatoes by this time to dry or cook and freeze, but this year I am just eating the available suspects. The only things that grow really well are onions, radishes and basil. I am ripping out 8 tomato plants tomorrow and heading for the nursery to give it one last shot for October tomatoes. I have been successful with lettuce all year but the rest of the garden is pretty anemic

I would suggest a major move on green beans, they are a very rewarding crop and can be enjoyed fresh or pickled. Just look up a ‘dilly bean’ recipe on the Internet, easy to do and delicious.

So as is our custom, we refer once again to the 1994 “Reliable Seeds” catalogue from our inspiration Charles Ledgerwood, if this is your first visit to our site, please look back on the previous issues to find out more about Mr. Ledgerwood.


August Plantings by Editor
August 10, 2010, 4:03 pm
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For the month of August our inspiration, Charles Ledgerwood  recommends”

(Caps indicate best plantings for the month)

BEANS, beets, carrots, CELERY, CORN, CUCUMBER, leek, LIMAS, okra, , NZ spinach, Swiss chard and marrow squashes. You can keep planting bunching onions and radishes of all sorts all summer long to spice up your salads.

This is the time to start staging you garden and growing space to prepare for the September to December planting season, arguably the best time to grow things in SoCal. Look at you lawn and think how much water you put on it and think how much lettuce, arugula and spinach you might be able to grow if you just give up a small part of it. Start preparing extra space for fall crops and watch this blog for the fall planting tips.


On the flower side of the path, this month you can plant:

Centurea, Cineraria, Cosmos, Gypsophilia, Hollyhock, Pansy, Lunaria, Marigold, Nasturtium, Phlox, Salipiglossis, Snapdragon, Stock. Sweet Peas, Verbena, Viola and Zinnia.

Please refer to last years August missive for some great suggestions.