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April Showers Bring… Weeds?! by Editor
April 9, 2010, 12:46 am
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April so soon!

If your yard looks like mine, I imagine you will be spending a substantial amount of time weeding and re-weeding. I walk my dogs by our neighbors that replaced ground cover with succulents, rocks and gravel and feel a pang of jealousy. After the rain do yourself and your neighbors a favor and check all around your yard for standing water. The mosquitoes are out in force this year. I don’t know if Oceanside and Carlsbad have funds for vector control at the lagoon so we have to do our part in our yards. It appears that we may get only sporadic rain for the balance of this month, so tune up the sprinklers, check for leaks and set the timers fro just before dawn so the water has a chance to soak in before the sun hits it.

I am still rolling in lettuce and have been distributing it around the neighborhood. Really wonderful French varieties from seed that we brought back from a trip last year, which are also available on line, just type ‘French lettuce seed” in your search engine, there are lots of hits. This lettuce is so tasty you can eat it by itself. The snap peas were dug in yesterday. That’s a trick I learned from Mr. Ledgerwood himself. I dig slit trenches about a shovel wide and 12”-18” deep jamb the dead or mostly dead pea plants into the trenches, stomp them down and cover them with soil. It’s a great way to get nitrogen right back into the soil. It is always best to wait at least two weeks to plant seed over fresh compost as that gives the fly larvae that are  inevitably laid on the plants time to mature and leave, otherwise they will use your seed as a food source.

Well, it’s always fun to give advice, but so hard to take even your own. I was ambushed by Mother Nature this week and it is my own fault. What with the warm weather last week, I fell for the ‘it has to be spring’ story and went to Green Thumb in San Marcos. They had the best looking heirlooms, great looking hybrids and egg plants to die for. I broke my own rule and bought tomatoes

and put them in a fresh bed. The general rule is to plant tomatoes when the night time temperature stays in the mid ‘50s.  So what happen the last couple of nights- right back down in the ‘40s. Carumba!! I hope they will be ok.

Do check out the heirlooms, they present some weird and delicious fruit, but they are susceptible to more bugs and disease than the hybrids. I always have a couple of Early Girls, San Diego’s and Rutgers mixed.They produce dependable tomatoes every time.


April Plantings by Editor
April 9, 2010, 12:33 am
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Here our recommended planting for April, with everlasting Thanks to Charles Ledgerwood and his 1994 “Reliable Seeds” catalogue. (Caps indicate preferred plantings.)

BEANS, BEETS, CARROTS, CANTALOUPE, CORN, CUCUMBER, EGGPLANT, LIMA, OKRA, parsley, Peppers, potato, PUMPKIN, RADISH, N.Z. spinach, sunflower, ALL SQUASH, Swiss chard, TOMATO, JICAMA AND WATERMELON. Don’t forget to get some basil growing to go with your tomatoes in July

Flower planting recommendations are substantially the same as last month’s, so check out the March plantings section