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March Rant by Editor
March 4, 2010, 4:20 am
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Love that rain! We haven’t watered for two months except for vegetable starters. I am sure since the residents of Oceanside are using less water this year, the City Water Department will have to raise our rates.  Never the less Fire Mountain looks great, everything is green and I do mean everything.  As soon as it dries out a little I will be filling all three of my green waste recycling containers with weeds.

This is somewhat of an in between month for planting, too soon for the killer tomatoes and a little late on the winter lettuce type crops.
We seek wisdom and guidance once again from the departed seed man of Carlsbad, Charles Ledgerwood, for our recommended March planting.

A little wisdom I’ll repeat from last year for the newcomers: Our area is most excellent for growing beans and this is a great time to start. We grow pole beans on bamboo that we cut in our yard.  I make a little mound of soil, hollow out a bowl in the center, stick four poles tilting away from each other in the ground and plant a sprouted bean near the bottom of each pole.  The dirt basin makes for easy watering and feeding. Having the poles angled makes the beans easy to find. You can tie the poles together with twine if one starts to lean too far out, from the weight of the crop. Potatoes grow particularly well here too and they are so easy. Let a couple of store bought potatoes grow ‘eyes’ in a dark drawer, quarter them and put directly in the ground or in a pot (we use 5 or 15 gallon nursery pots); when the foliage withers, carefully dig up the little spuds. We have tried to plant tomatoes in March and the results have been spotty. Unless the month is uniformly warm (this one obviously isn’t) the plants seem to stagnate and when it warms up the growth is unimpressive. We now hold out until mid April.

I am replanting all season lettuce; trying for one more crop of peas and watching the beets grow like Topsy. I have prepped one bed for late march Tomatoes. Be sure to check out Green Thimb in San Marcos for heirloom tomatoes and don’t forget TomatoMania at Quail Gardens March 20-21.


March Plantings by Editor
March 2, 2010, 4:20 am
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The seed man of Carlsbad, Charles Ledgerwood, recommended the following vegetables for March planting.
(For the best planting months names are capitalized)

Asparagus, BEANS, BEETS, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, chives, cabbage, CARROTS, cantaloupe, collards, corn, cucumbers, egg plant, endive, kohl rabi, lima beans, okra,  peas, mustard, onion, PARSLEY, parsnip, peppers, POTATOES, RADISH,  rutabaga, spinach, SQUASH, SWISS CHARD, turnips and tomatoes.

For those of you who followed Mr Ledgerwood’s recommendations, you should be wallowing in peas and lettuce as I am; bok choy has done well for some of our neighbors too.