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December, Already? by Editor
December 8, 2009, 12:27 am
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I don’t know how December got here, I am still savoring Thanksgiving with its wonderful food, and good times with friends and family. We should take the opportunity to be thankful in these troubling times, if we can, because as one of my favorite poets, Jim Morrison, so eloquently noted “the future is uncertain and the end is always near”.

One of the things we can do is get our thankful selves out to the garden and plant vegetables so that we can have something to be thankful for in 3 months. This is another of my favorite months to garden on Fire Mountain, the lettuce, beets and peas make every salad a treat.

What I do with my starters this time of year is get a five gallon bucket and half fill it with a mix of potting soil, peat moss if the soil doesn’t already have in the mix, some perlite to hold moisture and a little balanced dry fertilizer (careful, more is not better), all this stuff can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s or you can search out organics at Grangetto’s.  Soak it over night to spread the moisture evenly/ Get a regular black plastic flat (the kind you just threw out) and place a piece of fabric (I used a piece of geotextile fabric used in home construction to line drainage, maybe some one you know is a contractor and might have scraps around, but an old towel works too) in the bottom to keep the soil mixture for falling through the holes and fill with the soil mix. Plant a ton of seeds, I try to use rows, the last one I did was ¼ lettuce (use multiple varieties to make your salads look and taste better), ¼  beets. ¼ bok choy and  ¼ green onions. Keep the water on them, and you will have a bounty of starters in about a month. Pick them carefully apart and plant them directly in the garden. It takes a little time and care, and you will loose some whose roots have grown aggressively through the fabric.

Ok, enough of that, now get out and garden!


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