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November Planting Suggestions by Editor
November 1, 2009, 7:28 pm
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This is the month we have been waiting for, but I repeat myself from last month, with reason. It is one of the best times of the year in Southern California. This is why we live here, we can plant in November when it’s snowing in Boston!! Take advantage of it and get the seeds and starters in the ground. It’s been so beautiful here, except for the wind incident last week, that all we can do is hope for a heavy fog for a couple of days. I over seeded what’s left of my lawn with seasonal rye two days before the wind, apparently my greatest accomplishment was feeding  grass seed to the birds.

As ever, we doff our cap to our inspiration for growing in Southern Cal, the dear departed Charles Ledgerwood and his insightful and dependable “Reliable Seeds” 1994.  By the way, should you be so inclined you can visit Charles at the Eternal Hill Cemetery. He has a small flat headstone facing the West, if you are interested, please contact me by e-mail or contact the Cemetery, they will locate the grave for you. It would be a nice gesture to a man that has given all of us immeasurable pleasure.

On to the suggestions:
(All of the suggestions are ‘best’ to plant this month)

This is my favorite time to plant lettuce here, I plant a ton, I love the fresh leaves of the babies for dinner and it is really nice to give a friend or neighbor a huge head of French or Italian or domestic lettuce. I can’t say enough about beets, I grow them every year (at least two crops) delicious fresh and even better pickled!
As for the flowers, Mr Ledgerwood was nice enough to suggest that we use the same list for November and December as we use for October.
To wit:
Acroclininum, Alyssum, Aquilegia, Basil, Calendula, Candytuft, Carnation, Centaurea, Clarkia, Delphinium, Dimorphotheca, Escholtzia, Foxglove, Larkspur, Linaria, Linum,
Lupin, Nemesia, Nemophila, Pansy, Phlox, Petunia, Poppies, Primula, Scabiosa, Schizanthus, Stock, Sweet peas, Verbena, Viola, Snap Dragon, Wall flower, wild flowers.

I will repeat the following from the October post excluding the basil recommendation.  I suggest poppies of all varieties, and Sweet Peas. These are all proven winners up on our hill. When Mr Ledgerwood was alive, he told us that he was able to buy color segregated flower seeds, so in the 80’s we were able to buy all purple or all white sweet peas . Seed companies (even the good ones) stopped offering single color seeds for many varieties in the early 90s. Mr Ledgerwood used to segregate his own seeds for his customers. If you grow poppies or sweet peas, you can put markers on same color or bloom type plants or for other traits you want to select.

Don’t forget to refer to Sunset’s Western Garden as a good starting point to selecting flowers and understanding water demands.
Get out and garden!


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