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Vegetables to Plant in October by Editor
October 3, 2008, 3:33 am
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October is THE month for planting for your winter vegetable garden. We have been gardening on Fire Mountain since 1985 and can sincerely say that we owe most of our success to Charles Ledgerwood. For those of you who have been around the area for awhile, you will remember Mr. Ledgerwood as the seed man of Carlsbad. He had a seed store next to his house across from Tamarack Beach. He had been farming and gardening locally for over 60 years when we met him. He was full of knowledge, friendly, yet serious about gardening. Best of all he was free with his advice and shared his years of experience with any who asked. He also committed his thoughts to paper in a booklet called “Gardening Grows on You”.  We are lucky enough to have a signed copy. Charles Ledgerwood is no longer with us, but he has truly left a legacy for us in this booklet. We will be sharing portions of the booklet with you on a regular basis.

Each month we will post his recommendations for planting vegetables and plants. Please share your experiences with us as well, that’s what this web site is for

For October(the best choices are capitalized):


Flower lovers–good news,  I found my 1994 copy of Charles Ledgerwood’s “Reliable Seeds”, which has his recommendations for BOTH vegetables and flowers. His suggestions for October, November and December are as follows:

Acroclinnum, Alyssum, Aquilegia, Basil (not too sure about this, as I usually plant in the spring), Calendula, Candyfruit, Carnations, Centtaurea, Clarkia, Delphinium, Dianthus, Dimorphotheca, Escholitzia, Foxglove, Larkspur, Linaria, Linum, Lupin, Nemesia, Nemophilia, Pansy, Phlox, Petunia, Poppies, Primula, Scabiosa, Schinzanthus, Stock, Sweetpeas, Verbena, Violas, Snapdragon, Wallflower and most wildflower mixes.

Please send us your favorites and we will post them

Get to planting!!


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We started going to the seed man when we first built our house in 1976. He was a classy gentleman and his seed room was like an old country store. We just planted our sweet pea seeds a few weeks ago!! Love your website!

Comment by Cindy and Rick Lidster

We have just discovered an artist who knew Charles Ledgerwood, and when he passed, was given his stamps and other paper ephemera, plus apple trees and seeds. She wants to invite other people to get together and make a memorial for Charles–perhaps in the form of a garden, perhaps with some artwork incorporated. She is Suzette Lau, and will be participating in the Friends of Fire Mountain Art Show on November 8th—see the Artist page of this website for more info!

Comment by auntkristy

I used to make the trip from Valley Center to the coast just to visit Charles Ledgerwood and buy seeds. I was always sad if I had to order by phone or mail since the store and it’s owner were the best part! I have kept my copies of his catalog with the planting guide, but I have not seen the booklet, Gardening Grows on You. Do you think there is anyway to get a copy?

Comment by Judy Segina

Mr. Ledgerwood was a fine gentleman and so generous with sharing his advice about seeds. I was fortunate to discover his store when he was in his 90s and still sharp as a tack. The San Diego Horticultural Society named him our Horticulturist of the Year in 1999, and it was our privilege to be able to honor this exceptional man.

Comment by Susi Torre-Bueno

[…] Over the last two years Fire Mountain neighbor Jay has kept up the blog called Fire Mountain Garden Exchange. We have lots of great archives for you, but felt like our gardens are part of our lifestyle here in Fire Mountain and so decided to migrate some of the information to this site. Mainly – the recommendations from Charles Ledgerwood’s “Reliable Seeds 1994”. We have all tried many recommendations and I know I have found that these always turn out the best. For a bit more on Mr. Ledgerwood visit the first post from FMGX archives. […]

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